Breakdown Services High Wycombe

  Tips On How To Make Car Towing Easy For Us

At Alfa Car and Commercial, car towing is our major business. For several years, we have offered breakdown services in High Wycombe. We have had wonderful and not-so-pleasant car towing experiences. While we are eager to serve you, we also want you to make our job easier.


Here are ways by which you can help us serve you better.


Try to move your car away from the road


If you notice that your tyre is flat in the middle of the road, you can still drive a few metres further away from the road. That way, we won’t cause unnecessary traffic while hooking your car. We understand that you may not be able to move your car in some situations. But if your car has a manual transmission and the problem is not in any of its wheels, you can still seek assistance to push it away from the road.


Know the location well


Please take the time to know the address of your location well before you call us. We understand that your car could break down in a location that you are not familiar with. Take the time to find out exactly where you are before you call us.


Phrases like - it seems like, maybe, and I think - all indicate speculations. It will waste our time and yours. We don’t want to head to the wrong location. Also, when you’re describing the location, try and use landmarks and permanent structures that we can easily see. When you get the address perfectly, we’ll get to you in no time.


Open the bonnet of your car


When the bonnet of your car is open, it gives passersby the impression that the car is faulty and not parked illegally. Remember that the residents of the community could be scared of your car. You don’t want them to call the cops on you.


These three tips will make our job easier and prevent the situation from getting worse. For breakdown services in High Wycombe, contact us right away.