Car Recovery

  Common Problems That Lead To Car Recovery

ALFA Breakdown Recovery is a reputable car recovery service provider that truly cares about its clients. We have been offering car breakdown recovery service for several years, so we are listing out the commonest causes of car breakdowns and how to avoid them.
1. Accidents
This is, by far, the commonest cause of breakdowns. After serious collisions, cars are often badly damaged so they won’t be able to move on their own. That’s why car recovery is often the next step after an accident.
It takes a lot to avoid accidents because you are not the only road user. You can be very careful and still get hit by a reckless driver. However, you should keep obeying all traffic rules and regulations, never drive under the influence of alcohol, and, most importantly, don’t drive impatiently.
2. Flat Tyre
Another common cause of vehicle breakdown is having a flat tyre. This does not stop the car from moving, but you may damage the car and the rim if you don’t stop immediately after your tyre goes flat. To avoid this, ensure you check the pressure of all your tyres before you leave home. This helps to avoid a tyre blowout also. In addition, always drive carefully to avoid going over any object that could puncture your tyre.
When you have a flat tyre, and you are able to move to a safe spot that far away from the road, you can attempt to change the tyre yourself. But if it is an awkward location with fast-moving vehicles passing by, it may be better to seek breakdown recovery. In everything you, safety should come first.
3. Exhausted gas
To avoid this, we’ll advise you to top your gas whenever you have the opportunity to do so. While we’ll be so glad to move your vehicle to the nearest filling station, you may lose some valuable time in the process.
4. Low or dead battery
What causes this is impatience. When you park your car and rush off, leaving the radio, fan, AC, or some lights on, your battery may fall flat. Since the alternator isn’t working, the battery will discharge fast. The only way to prevent this is to avoid impatience.
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