Car Transport

  Why Car Transport Is The Better Choice

Are you planning to relocate and you’re wondering whether you should drive your car to the new location or go for car transport? As a vehicle transport provider, we won’t only tell you that the latter is better. We will also list the reasons why it is better.
1. It saves you from risk

Remember that driving comes with some risk, no matter how short the journey is. When you choose a car transport service of ALFA Breakdown Recovery, a highly experienced vehicle transport company, you’re taking the risk off your neck.
Of course, we’ll be glad to bear the risk. We have been bearing the risks for years, and we are fully insured. And so are all our employees.
2. It saves your time and money
When you drive the car to the destination yourself, you’ll spend some time on the road, and you will also spend some money on fuel. On the other hand, when you hire us, you’ll only pay our charges. You’ll save your time for more productive activities. Remember, you can recoup lost funds, but you can never regain lost time. It is lost for good.
3. It saves your car from additional mileage
Unlike other machines, vehicles don’t age with time. Rather, they age with the number of miles that they have moved. So, if you drive your car to your new location, the distance will add to its existing mileage. Also, we want you to bear in mind that whenever you put your car up for sale, potential buyers will check its mileage first. The lower the mileage of your car, the better for you. Finally, with each mile, your car gets closer to its next routine check, and the service isn’t free.
So, what do you say? Would you rather take the risk and drive for hours or give the risk to us? It’s all up to you. If you eventually decide to use our car transport service, contact ALFA Breakdown Recovery. We’ll be waiting.